About Us - Welcome!

We are group of graduate students at University of Toronto working on NLP for healthcare.


Our Team

Alister D’Costa

PhD Student, MSc Computer Science, University of Toronto

I am a Computer Science PhD Student in the lab of Jared Simpson at the University of Toronto & OICR. My research is in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics with a focus on long read genome assembly algorithms and structural variation detection.


Stefan Denkovski

Masters of Applied Science (Biomedical Engineering), University of Toronto

I am a MASc student researching multimodal computer vision. I am interested in anomanly detection and applying these methods to fall detection. Previously, I have worked on biomedical signal processing projects. I am working out of IATSL at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.


Michal Malyska

Masters of Statistics, University of Toronto

I am a part-time MSc. student in Statistics at University of Toronto focusing on Machine Learning. Currently working at a startup in the clinical ML space. My current research revolves around Clinical NLP and improving training procedures for Energy Based Models.


Sally Moon

Masters of Applied Science (Biomedical Engineering), University of Toronto

I am a MSc student researching machine learning approaches to predicting student depression using smartphone sensors. I am researching with IBBME at University of Toronto and IATSL at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.


Brandon Rufino

Masters of Health Science, University of Toronto

Hello! I am a MHSc student at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital. My research involves signal processing and machine learning techniques to develop an audio detection interface which will be integrated into a music education application for children with varying motor abilities.